Pampas Fox

“Lycalopex gymnocercus” by Cláudio Dias Timm, licensed under CC BY SA 2.0
“Graxaim” by Rafael Nicolaidis, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Common Name: Pampas Fox

Scientific Name: Lycalopex gymnocercus

Conservation Status: Least Concern (Lucherini, 2016).

Habitat: Grassland; prefers open habitats and tall grass plains and sub-humid to dry habitats; common in ridges, dry scrublands, coastal sand dunes, open woodlands, grazed pastures, and croplands (Lucherini, 2016).

Range: Southern Cone of South America, ranging from eastern Bolivia, western Paraguay and east of Salta, Catamarca, San Juan, La Rioja and Mendoza provinces in Argentina, to the Atlantic coast; and from south-eastern Brazil to the Río Negro Province, Argentina, in the south (Lucherini, 2016).

Diet: Omnivore; fruit, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles (Cooper, 2003).

Threats: Poorly researched methods of fox control, non-selective methods of control (poison), hunting as a result of livestock predation, habitat alteration and persecution compose threats to this species (Lucherini, 2016).