Sechuran fox

“Pseudalopex sechurae” by Mike Weedon, licensed under CC BY SA 3.0

Common Name: Sechuran Fox; Peruvian Fox; South American Jackal

Scientific Name: Lycalopex sechurae

Conservation Status: Near Threatened  (Cossios, 2017).

Habitat: Sandy deserts, agricultural lands, dry forests, rural areas, and disturbed environments (Cossios, 2017).

Range: Coastal zones of southwestern Ecuador (Manabi, Santa Elena, Guayas, El Oro, Azuay, and Loja provinces) and northwestern Peru (Western slope of the Andes mountains) (Cossios, 2017).

Diet: Omnivore; opportunistic, capable of being strictly vegetarian when necessary, Sechuran foxes feed on small animals, birds, fruit, other plant material, and insects (Britannica, 2020).

Threats: Primarily threatened by hunters to limit livestock damage and for the purpose of fur/handicraft trade. Sechuran foxes are also threatened by agricultural and urban development, habitat degradation, and habitat loss (Cossios, 2017).