Swift fox

“Living in a Prairie Dog Town” by USFWS Mountain-Prairie, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Common Name: Swift fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes velox

Conservation Status: Least Concern (Moehrenschlager & Sovada, 2016).

Habitat: Grasslands; short grass and mixed grass prairies (Moehrenschlager & Sovada, 2016).

Range: Swift foxes are native to North America. A reintroduction program has re-established its presence in the Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan areas of western Canada. Within the U.S. these foxes populate the Great Plains states such as New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, and the Dakotas  (Moehrenschlager & Sovada, 2016).

Diet: Omnivore; small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, berries, and grasses (Resmer, 1999).

Threats: The degradation and conversion of grasslands into cropland fragments limits the size of Swift fox populations (Moehrenschlager & Sovada, 2016).